Inside Garden Wall Sticker

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High quality Inside Garden Wall Sticker, is a durable plastic decal sticker, with a beautiful nature themed.

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  • Size: 114cm x 30cm – when set up as in picture.

Product Description

Are you looking to bring the outdoors into your home? Love being out in your garden but wish that nature could be inside, too? Then this wall decal sticker is just the one for you. This elegant sticker features tall green grass nestled between white and pastel pink flowers, surrounded by dragonflies in flight.
This beautiful nature themed wall sticker has been designed to sit directly above your skirting board, appearing as if the greenery from outdoors is right there within your home. It would suit anyone who loves being outdoors and make their home part of their personality – this wall sticker should certainly give you something to talk about when your friends visit.

As with all of our wall stickers we stock, this sticker has been made specially with industrial quality plastic. The high quality material ensures our customers that they will be receiving a product that will last many years and will be tough and durable against every day marks. Order this today and receive free shipping straight to your door.

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