Butterfly Girl Sticker

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A high quality and durable plastic, industrial sticker, the Butterfly Girl Sticker is suitable for your little girl room. As it is so beautifully colorful it would match most color themes.

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  • Size: 150cm x 170cm – when stickers are set up as in picture.

Product Description

This wonderfully elegant wall decal sticker would look great within a variety of different rooms around your home. As it is so beautifully colorful it would match most color themes. The image is a shadowed little girl wearing a floral dress, happily skipping while holding a small open birdcage. Flying out of the birdcage are differently sized butterflies.

Due to its lovely size it would fit alongside other decorative pieces within the bedroom or living areas in your home.

As with all of our other wall sticker ranges we stock, this decorative sticker has been made with industrial quality plastic that has been made with care and consideration for our customers and their quality of service. We offer only the best in quality so you can be sure that our stickers will be durable and long lasting. If you buy this wall sticker today, you will get your order shipped for free straight to your doorstep.

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