Living Room Floral Stickers

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This beautiful floral design would go wonderful in someone’s living room area, or even a bedroom. High quality and durable plastic, industrial Living Room Floral Stickers, is on sale now for a limited time only.

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Product Description

The red theme would suit a variety of room color themes, specifically someone who is looking to vamp up their already red themed room. The wall decal sticker features nine differently sized flowers and as they come separate you can place them around your wall as you wish.

This red floral sticker would look brilliant as part of an already existing design or could even stand on its own as a feature wall and center piece.

If you order this sticker today you will be able to take advantage of our free shipping offer. As with all of our wall sticker ranges, this sticker has been made with a high quality plastic. The industrial quality material gives our products a great lifespan and ensures that it is durable and hard wearing – perfect for family homes and battling those everyday marks.

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