Flower Girl Wall Sticker

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High quality and durable plastic sticker, the Flower Girl Wall Sticker is coloring your room with lots of butterfly’s .

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  • Size: 150cm x 170cm – when stickers are set up as in picture.

Product Description

This giant wall decal sticker would look great placed covering an entire wall by itself, as a feature wall and theme within its own right. As the image is adaptable it could also be used as part of one big design within the room of your choice.

The sticker features an image of a young woman wearing a pastel colored dress who is blowing a dandelion that is blowing in the wind and turning its feathers into a range of differently colored butterflies. The young woman is also surrounded by hanging baskets and a matching themed bike.

Along with all of our wall sticker ranges, this sticker has been made with high quality plastic that was designed and made with our customers in mind. Not only is it durable but it will also last a long time to come. If you purchase this now you will receive free shipping, straight to your doorstep.

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