Guitar Wall Sticker

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Do you have a budding guitarist living in your home? Or perhaps you are looking for the perfect wall sticker design to feature inside your home studio, the  Guitar Wall Sticker is a high quality and durable plastic decal sticker.

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As in picture:

  • Size: 100cm x 65cm

Product Description

This wall decal sticker would look amazing in anyone’s bedroom, living room or studio set up who has a love for music, guitars or musically inspired art work. The black and white design offers adaptability as it would suit and match all color themes.
Our wall sticker ranges have all been made with our high standard of customer satisfaction in mind. All of our products have been designed and put on high quality plastic that offers our customers a long lasting product. The industrial quality material ensures that our wall stickers are durable, hard wearing and fully washable to allow for easy maintenance.

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