Mouse Hole Sticker

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If you are looking for a comical wall art piece for your home, then this is a cracking piece. Mouse Hole Sticker is a high quality and durable wall sticker and is on sale now for a limited time only.

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  • Size: 6cm x 25cm with all stickers in a row

Product Description

This wall decal sticker features black shadow effect figures – two mice and a motorcycle. In the design one of the mice is getting a pizza delivered to his house. This wall sticker has been designed to be placed directly above your skirting board, however get creative with it and place wherever amuses you the most.

All of the products that we stock have been made with the finest quality materials to offer full satisfaction to our customers. The industrial quality plastic allows our wall stickers to be fully washable to combat marks. Our ranges of wall stickers also come with a long life span so the wall art can be displayed for years to come.

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