Teddy Bears

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Who doesn’t like the Teddy Bears wall sticker? Is a high quality and durable plastic industrial decal sticker matching with a colorful kids bedroom.

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  • Size: 20X55cm – when stickers are set up as close as possible to each other


This playful wall decal sticker is perfect for any Winnie the Pooh fan’s bedroom. The sticker features a cartoon like Winnie the Pooh and Tiger playing as young children themselves, making it repeatable for your young children to look at. The characters are set in the colorful background of flowers, butterflies and wildlife.

It would go perfect in any child’s bedroom or baby’s nursery for those who are big fans of Winnie the Pooh or parents who are wanting to incorporate the theme into the bedroom or nursery. As with all of our wall stickers within the range, it has been made with high quality plastic that has been specifically designed to be durable and hard wearing, so don’t worry about having to redecorate any time soon!

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